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The History of the Church (2 of 2)
St John the Baptist, Kingston Vale, after alteration.In 1997 the Parish celebrated its 150th birthday and the building of the first St John the Baptist church in Kingston Vale. Although not formally listed, the original church remains completely unaltered both internally and externally.

In addition to the small and large Parish Halls, the latest facility to be added is the Andrews’ Wing, which was opened in 1999

The Parish today now consists of some 1,000 households in a multiracial, multi-denominational community with a wide range of educational backgrounds and occupations. The latest Church Electoral Roll has members from varied ethnic backgrounds. The average age of whom is becoming steadily lower, as people with young families move into the area and are attracted to join in the activities of the Parish and of the wider community. The Kingston Vale Residents Association, and other local organisations represent that community.

Kingston Vale is part of a 'Strategic Area of Special Character', as designated by the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, with St John's at its centre and with the Conservation Area of Coombe Hill within the Parish boundaries. The parish also includes Putney Vale, from where the church has many members and links, including the current Team Vicar being a chaplain to ASDA.