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The History of the Church (1 of 2)
The original church. Built 1847, demolished 1862.

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Kingston Vale, a staging post on the road from London, was best known for many years for the local inns which provided the services needed by travellers before the long haul up Kingston Hill – thence on through Kingston to Portsmouth or the Royal route to Hampton Court.

As part of the nineteenth century Christian revival, the first church in the area was built in 1839 and on 22 June 1847, it became the centre of a Parish in its own right. The present church was consecrated on 22 July 1861 and was built on land given by the Duke of Cambridge, using funds donated by the Duchess of Gloucester (a daughter of George III) and others. The Organ Chamber was added in 1871, the North Aisle in 1874 and the Choir Vestry in 1886.

Princess Mary Adelaide, the Duchess of Teck, who as a resident in White Lodge in Richmond Park was a frequent worshipper in the church, laid the foundation stone for the North Aisle.

The Duke of York and his fiancée (later to become King George V and Queen Mary) attended the church on Sunday 7 May 1893, soon after the announcement of their engagement, together with the Duke and Duchess of Teck and the Prince of Wales (later to become King Edward VII). More recent memories of royalty are of the attendance of the Duke and Duchess of York (later to become King George VI and Queen Elizabeth) when they in turn were in residence at White Lodge.more